Bras are expensive for many reasons….read on to find why!

by | Nov 6, 2020 | News & Updates

“The Many Parts of a Bra”

Lingerie is often marketed as something light and frivolous. It’s actually a highly technical and incredibly specialized area of the fashion industry. French lingerie is often associated with elegant and gorgeous creations in dainty, light, and romantic fabrics. This does not mean it is less supportive or uncomfortable.

The production steps to manufacturing a good quality bra are intense! You might have wondered why imported bras are more expensive than domestic bras. The image above shows the amazing 45 pieces that goes into Prima Donna’s Deauville, one of their most popular bras.

Belgian brands like Prima Donna (a popular choice at J’adore) have been passionately crafting lingerie for women since 1865. Day in, day out, Prima Donna dreams up innovative designs, sources exquisite materials and meticulously assembles beautiful pieces to make the perfect bra.

The production of a bra may go through an incredible 40-50 stages of manual assembly. Anyone who has tried a sewing project knows what that means…a lot of work!

Quality fabrics and lace used in imported European bras originate in France, Switzerland, Italy and Belgium, adding to the price of the end product. Embroidery details are often incorporated in the look of an imported bra, making them a little more special.

The quality of elastic around the band which Prima Donna uses doesn’t stretch out quickly and has a great kick back value! After taking your bra off, you will notice the bra keeps its shape and the elastic doesn’t look rippled or miss-shaped. Another added special feature Prima Donna incorporates in their styling is the scalloped edge along the elastic at the bottom of the bra. This diffuses the pressure and because there is no sharp elastic edge, red marks on the skin are prevented. Haven’t we all at one time taken off a bra to discover it in a twisted mess!

The wires in Prima Donna bras are made of titanium steel and are shaped like a kidney bean at the cross section, with the rounded side sitting against the body, so no sharp edges to feel. The wires are wrapped in 3 layers – foam cushioning, a layer of multi-profile fabric and a layer of felt against the body. This prevents uncomfortable poking through, while ensuring soft flexible comfort against the skin.

The back section of a bra is where at least 80% of the stress of the bra lies. The strong kick back properties of the back band fabric is so important in keeping the bra’s original shape. Any part of the bra that touches the body is soft including the back closures that are also lined in a felt layer.

Imported bra brands generally last longer, provide a better fit, and offer a broad range of sizes, which makes the fit more exact to your needs.

We hope you have a better understanding of the complexity of imported bras. Remember you are worth investing in and that definitely includes your undergarments!