by | Apr 19, 2018 | News & Updates

Spring is the season where we are thinking about our wardrobe needs for the different upcoming celebrations.  If you are planning an outfit for a prom, wedding, graduation, function, or just need some help in smoothing out your shape, J’adore has solutions.

Many evening gown styles are strapless, making it necessary to find a great fitting strapless bra or bustier. It’s best to start with your foundation garments, having the perfect fitting bra or bustier before the final fitting of your dress is a must! A strapless bra acts similar to a regular bra, lifting and supporting the breasts. Whereas a bustier also supports the breasts but also adds shaping and smoothing through the upper torso area.

                 Jezebel Bustier

Once the correct fitting bra is found, the addition of a Janira shapewear piece will provide that final touch, smoothing out the upper body and tummy without flattening the seat area.


Janira Secrets Silueta