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You’re probably already aware that sleep pays a really important role in achieving good health, both physical and mental.

You might not have appreciated all the things sleep affects. Sleep is most underrated…… read on!

  • Boosts your immune system (with Covid-19 we are all more concerned of our immunities to different viruses)
  • Strengthens our heart, lowering chances for developing chronic conditions
  • Helps prevent weight gain, most of us can use a little help with that these days after so many months of snacking!
  • Increase our overall productivity
  • Beauty sleep rejuvenates our cells
  • Better sleep prevents dark circles appearing your under eyes
  • Allows your body and brain to repair, restore, and re-energize.


With all of these benefits it just makes sense that getting a good night’s sleep should be a priority!

Self-love has been discussed in previous blogs, getting a proper night’s sleep leads to the ultimate self-care.

How many of us scroll through our phones or binge watch Netflix far later than we should? Procrastinating your bedtime is one of the worst things you could do to yourself.

Creating a calming bedtime ritual can certainly help. Investing in the right pillows, sheets, duvet and covers is essential. I invested in new bedding this past Christmas and my sleep experience improved greatly! Essential oils applied at bedtime to your temple, throat and wrists can help you drift off by grounding you into a relaxed state. Make your sleep environment perfect or as close as possible to perfect.

And of course sleep is always better in beautiful, comfortable sleepwear.

Shop online and improve your sleep.

Sweat Dreams!