by | Mar 10, 2021 | News & Updates

You may have neglected something very important over that last few months with winter and Covid induced hibernation, resorting to comfort over support in your bra choice.

A properly fitted bra will relieve strain from the neck, shoulder and back area, as well as improve posture and your overall appearance & confidence! The good news is that you can get both comfort and support from the same bra! Now is the perfect time for a spring refresh of your bra drawer.

This month we have selected 6 very different bras to choose from to get you started in a lingerie refresh and provide smooth spring silhouettes! Each creates a seamless look and provides great support for a variety of breast shapes and sizes. As we move closer to spring and out of bulky clothing, a smooth bra becomes a more important part of our wardrobe. T-shirts here we come!

Statistics have shown that 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. Most women will wear 6 different bra sizes during their lifetime, so don’t think once you have been fitted you are set for life. It is best to be refitted every year. Here are just a few signs that your bra may not be the perfect fit:

  • Bra Spillage – a major sign a bra does not fit properly if the breasts overflow the bra cup, meaning the bra cup cuts into the breast creating a DOUBLE BOOB effect!  Also the center gore should sit flat against the breastbone. If it pulls away, the cup is too small.
  • Cup puckering – there should be no wrinkles in the cup. This means the cup size is too big. Easily fixed by going down a size or trying a different cut/style. As we age, due to gravity, the breasts start to sag and get more shallow at the top.
  • Back riding up –  the band should fit snuggly and sit straight across the back, parallel to the floor. When you raise your arms, the bra band should not move. If you can no longer tighten your bra enough at the back, it’s not a good fight. A new bra should be purchased on the loosest back hook and as the bra stretches with time and wear, it can be moved into a tighter hook position. The band needs to fit snugly so it can provide 80-90% of the support for the breasts & then the straps (shoulders) only carry 10-20% of the load. 
  • Wires cutting or poking – the underwires on a bra should not cut or poke into the breast tissue. If the wires poke at the sides, you need a larger cup. You shouldn’t feel the wires if the cup fits properly!
  • Strap slipping – the straps should support comfortably without slipping off or cutting into the shoulders. Do not rely on the straps to lift up the breasts! That is the job of the back band.

One of our featured bras this month is Prima Donna Twist Monolithos (shown above), completely smooth and supremely comfortable. The soft fabric is adorned with a jacquard print. Offered in Melba, a nude hue with a soft-pink sheen.

Book an appointment and let us find the perfect fitting smooth spring silhouette for your shape!