Sports Bra Promotion!

by | Feb 24, 2016 | News & Updates


Winter may not be through with us just yet but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a head start on your new fitness routine with a proper fitting sports bra! If you look in your lingerie drawer and see an old, tired, ill-fitting sports bra staring back at you then don’t fret, J’adore can help you find the right one for your shape and activity of choice.

A proper fitting sports bra is just as important as having the best shoe or activewear! Whether you run, spin, zumba, lift weights or hike, you want to be supported and feel comfortable. No matter what size your breasts are, they all bounce during activity. Continuous and repetitive movements can cause pain and sagging if breasts are not properly supported. Your breasts contain no muscle so the skin and Cooper’s ligaments surrounding the breast need special care.

Sports bras are designed to wear exclusively for exercise. Special fabric technologies wick away moisture to keep you cool, comfortable and supported for high or low impact. With the right coverage and support from your bra, you can experience more comfort, less bounce and soreness, and achieve the confidence you need to continue with your workout! Being fitted for a sports bra also eliminates the need for doubling up and wearing two bras. A fact for many we hear all too often at J’adore!

J’adore carries a selection of sports bras in a range of sizing from B to H cup that will give you the fit and comfort needed no matter your workout. Some of our most popular lines:  Panache, Shock Absorber, Anita, Chantelle and Marie Jo Intense are made of soft, breathable and durable fabrics that keep you cool and comfortable. As a bonus, they look great too!

To lengthen the life of your sports bras, always hand wash and lay flat to dry. Use a delicate, non-detergent wash like Soak or Forever New and never use fabric softener as it ruins moisture-wicking fabrics.

If you think you are in need of a new sports bra, we are happy to help! Give us a call 905-430-0647 or stop by the store anytime, no appointment necessary! Also, like us on Facebook and receive all of our updates on new styles!